live classes & recordings with Kira Kirsch

The Axis Syllabus offers ways and sustainable patterns into learning safe falling reflexes, sequential movement, defining individual range of motion and joint parameters, preventing injury or enhancing kinetic efficiency to name a few topics. These practices can be applied to dance and all other movement related fields.

In my classes I create scenarios for textured and embodied dancing and a learning environment where your body can self-organize and thrive. Movement material, sensations, coordination and perspectives of anatomy and biomechanics are proposed to explore. The information ideally self-seeds into resilient and adapted movement fitting your body and environments as well as open new curiosities for autonomous study and practice.

When thinking about online classes i feel inspired to see them as cultivating potential and supporting an ongoing practice wherever we are and are at. 

You need about 4 - 6 m2 space :)

Both courses can be taken individually or as a bundle. You cannot make all sessions live or would like to review a class? All sessions will be recorded and are available for 100 days after purchase.