Course curriculum

  • 1

    Applied Paleoanthropology & Comparative Anatomy with Antoine Ragot

    • Session #1 Paleoanthropology: hips

    • Session #2 Paleoanthropology: Spine

    • Session #3 Paleoanthropology: Shoulders

    • "Bones whispering" A recorded conference on Paleoanthropology by Antoine Ragot

  • 2

    Myofascial chains for undulatory coordination - Kira Kirsch

    • Session #1 Myofascial chains: Lateral Line/Primary Support and Interstitial Side-bending

    • Session #2 Myofascial chains: lateral Line/intrinsic and complex coordination of the spine

    • Saturday February 27th - Integrating Back and Front lines into Spine Mechanics

  • 3

    Body Mind Centering "Organs" with Nina Wehnert

    • Session #1 BMC©: Organs, general overview. And digestive track-mouth, Oesophagus, Stomach, Intestines

    • Session #2 BMC©: Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Stomach

    • Session #3 BMC©: Heart



  • Antoine Ragot - Paleoanthropology & Comparative Anatomy

    During his sessions and conference Antoine will share his insights on evolutionary anatomical developments and its relevance to contemporary movement practice.

  • Nina Wehnert - Body-Mind Centering® / Organs

    In these three Classes we will look at the organs in general, and then dive into the specifics of the digestive organs, liver, spleen and heart. Their ability to adapt shape, to give in, yield, resist, support allow a sequencing movement through the body. They are and keep us alive, a vivid place of deciding what we take in and what we better let go. Their aliveness nourishes us

  • Kira Kirsch - Myofascial Chains for Undulatory Coordination

    Kira will teach elements of her long lasting research and translations of Tom Myers Anatomy Trains for improving perception and sensing nuanced connection in moving and embodying anatomy.

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