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Sense * Engage * Strengthen

Our online intensives offer a set of live sessions with three different teachers and three different topics. It allows you to immerse more deeply and being nourished from different perspectives over the course of 6 days. If you cannot make each session live, you can practice later with the recordings. This time Kira will address the careful orchestration of the spine preparing for dynamic movement and Antoine invites you to examine safe falling patterns. In addition they have invited Sebastian Grubb to offer his in-depth research into strength building and functional fitness. Last but not least Kira and Antoine will give two contact improvisation classes to experiment this weeks topics in relation to a partner.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Motion Centers of the Spine with Kira Kirsch

    • May 31 - Motion Centers Of The Spine - Hip Joint

    • June 1 - Motion Centers Of The Spine - Anatomical Center

    • June 2 - Motion Centers of the Spine - integrating top of the spine and base of the neck

  • 2

    Falling Patterns with Antoine Ragot

    • June 3 - Falling Patterns - Falling to the side

    • June 4 - Falling Patterns - Falling backward- progressive (going up) wave in the spine

    • June 5 - Falling Patterns - Forward Roll

  • 3

    Web of Strength - functional movement & fitness training with Sebastian Grubb

    • May 31 - Web of Strength part 1

    • June 1 - Web of Strength part 2

  • 4

    Contact Improvisation with Kira & Antoine

    • June 4 - Contact Improvisation

Pricing options

The three prices try to give a spectrum for the range of your contribution. Please choose the price that reflects your ability to contribute. Consider your investment includes live classes as well as access to recordings to stream for a whole year after your purchase.


Kira Kirsch

Kira is a dance artist, experiential researcher, community organiser and curator and an internationally recognised and sought after dance and movement educator in the Axis Syllabus with more than 16 years of experience.

Antoine Ragot

Antoine brings many years of teaching contact improvisation, sports and early motor development to his fastidious bent for research and sharing of the Axis Syllabus, of which he is a certified teacher. Antoine is known for his enthusiasm and infecting others with the movement-research-geek-syndrome.

Sebastian Grubb

SEBASTIAN GRUBB is a professional dancer, trainer, corrective exercise specialist and health coach, and has won multiple awards for his work in fitness training and dance since 2006. He's based in San Francisco.