A Winter Intensive!

To sense and reveal a dormant potential

Our online intensive offer a set of live sessions with 3 different teachers and different topics. It allows you to immerse more deeply and being nourished from different perspectives over the course of 5 days. If you can not make each session live, you can practice later with the recordings (released one hour after the class) for one year! In the morning, Kira invites you to work specifically on transitions to get up and to use momentum through falling. Antoine will adress the orchestration and coordination of the spine integrated in locomotoric situations. In addition, Filippo Serra will offer his in-depth research into strength building and functional fitness in the form of 2 recorded conference-classes.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Falling Up with Kira Kirsch

    • Falling Up!/tissue behaviour/c-star coordination to roll up/counterweight

    • Falling Up!/Y-Ligament/leg back extension/cross step and ramping up

    • FallingUp!phrase/break down of transitions/ques for pivoting hands and feet

    • FallingUp! foot systems/reception & propulsion/bone palpation/walking into level changes

  • 2

    Spinal Orchestration with Antoine Ragot

    • Spinal orchestration #1 - Side to side compensations and progression of the flexion/extension of the pelvis

    • Spinal orchestration #2 bones watching:ramping on the back:phrase:walking mechanics in the sagittal plane

    • Spinal orchestration #3 sideway and rotation reach to the ground and softening levers or resistance to roll

    • Spinal orchestration #4: transitions sitting to lying/ phrase/ discussion

  • 3

    Building Strength with Filippo Serra

    • Building strength #1 intensity variation for body weight exercises

    • Building Strength #2 into functional fitness

Pricing options

The three prices try to give a spectrum for the range of your contribution. Please choose the price that reflects your ability to contribute. Consider your investment includes live classes as well as access to recordings to stream for a whole year after your purchase.


Kira Kirsch

Kira is a dance artist, experiential researcher, community organiser and curator and an internationally recognised and sought after dance and movement educator in the Axis Syllabus with more than 16 years of experience.

Antoine Ragot

Antoine brings many years of teaching contact improvisation, sports and early motor development to his fastidious bent for research and sharing of the Axis Syllabus, of which he is a certified teacher. Antoine is known for his enthusiasm and infecting others with the movement-research-geek-syndrome.

Filippo Serra

Filippo is a martial artist, strength coach and nature lover, nested in the heart of the boiling Berlin city center